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Looking to take your Business Online?

I am Kanwal – Digital Marketing Consultant and Specialist for small to large businesses who are looking to make good use of Digital Marketing in fulfilling their business goals and objectivesI provide tailor-made digital marketing strategy for each business to help it grow and achieve success. This custom made business strategies have worked wonders for multiple businesses.

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Who is Digital Kanwal?

I am a Digital Marketer with an experience of more than 6 years. During the course of time, I came across multiple clients/businesses who were looking to grow their business but had one or the other limitations. Many were still stuck in traditional ways of marketing while others struggling to ramp up their business. Since each business is unique in its own way thus it needs customized Digital Marketing Strategy and Business plan to succeed – No same solution fits all. 

Besides expertise in Digital Marketing, I have more than 10 years experience in Operations. Rich experience in Operations, process analysis and flexible approach to a solution makes me perfect to go around any concern.

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Kanwal Preet Singh